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  • EdTech entrepreneur, consultant, speaker. Passionate about exponential technologies, personal growth and learning. Building EdTech Labs Europe.


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Michal Juhas

Helping adults and children around the world to accelerate their growth and learning.

Quick bio:

I co-founded companies in the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Slovakia. The biggest one, HotelQuickly, reached 100 mil USD in annual gross booking volume. Today, I focus on EdTech Labs Europe where I build the right environment to boost EdTech startups.

Passionate & excited about:

Building companies
Personal growth
Children education
Online communities

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EdTech Labs Europe j. s. a.

CEO & founder

We build innovative EdTech startups to help professionals & children around the world to accelerate their growth and learning.

edtechlabs.com »

EdTech Slovakia o. z.

Founding member

I cofounded this non profit organization to bring together a community of EdTech enthusiasts.

edtechlabs.com »


Co-founder, CTO

I co-founded HotelQuickly; an online travel agent focused on the last-minute hotel booking.

In 2013, we built and launched a world-class mobile product (iOS & Android only) that make last-minute hotel-booking fast and rewarding. Our vision was to help travelers enjoy the spontaneous moments.

In 2016, we opened up the booking window to allow customers book months in advance.

In 2017, we launched a website and started offering world-wide inventory, too.

I left management in October 2017 and remained a shareholder.

In 2018, the company reached 100 mil USD in annual gross booking volume.

As a co-founder, I have worn multiple hats: a developer, CTO, manager (in my teams up to 40 people in total), company leader, entertainer, Agile enthusiast, and much, much more.

hotelquickly.com »
Michal Juhas during an interview

Accelerated Growth


In 2017, I started a membership site for passionate, modern parents who want to maximize their child’s potential. Early learning (age 1-5), speed-reading, accelerated education, homeschooling, coding and robotics for kids.

I interview other expert parents such as homeschooling coaches and share insights with the community members.

With my wife Martina, we create educational content, video courses, and digital products for our members.

Accelerated Growth »


Co-founder, CEO

In 2011, I co-founded BookFan, a local social network for book lovers – well before Goodreads became Goodreads! :)

With my co-founder Josef Nevoral, we raised seed funding from angel investors, had 200,000+ MAU and won the Idea of the year competition.

Unfortunately, we were not able to monetize it, and due to negative cash flow, I had to kill this project eventually.


Club President

Despite being an introvert, I got passionate about public speaking and was a member of Toastmasters back in Prague (Czech Republic) for almost four years.

I became a leader of the Bohemian Toastmasters club, taking almost all roles including the Club President.

Later on, I co-founded another clubPrague Business Toastmasters – and organized events like Toastmasters Residential Weekend for ~100 people.

You can find my detailed resume on Linkedin, of course ;-)

In the press

Rádio Express

Slovák Michal Juhás vytvoril mobilnú aplikáciu, ktorá ľuďom pomáha nájsť zľavnené hotely po celom svete

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PK Academy

Boli tesne pred krachom, teraz majú ročný obrat 70 miliónov dolárov

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Fun facts

Celebrating Thai New Year (in April!) in local shirts 🌼

In our family, we are obsessed with reading. We read everywhere, everything!

Gymnastics is becoming my favorite sport, besides running. Exercising every day, but still a veeery long way to go.

Enjoying reading books to Thai kids in a kindergarten. One of them started crying though...

Cozy coffee shops are my favorite spots to work at. Americano is a must!

My second favorite working place: an air-con'ed coffee shop with a beautiful view. Thailand rocks!


Startup mentor

Since I started my first company in 2010, I went through lots of ups and downs. I'm happy to share some of the learnings and best practices with those who are kicking off a new project or company.

Let me know if you need a judge for some startup event or hackathon, or a personal mentoring or coaching.

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Public speaking


I talk about EdTech, exponential technologies, building startups, personal growth, and early childhood education

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Featured blog posts

I contribute to some of the biggest publications on Medium

Astonishing five years, HotelQuickly. Time to move on!


As a part of restructuring the company, I just finished my hand-over to a new CTO — Pierre Joye from NFQ.Asia — who has an impressive...

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My courses on Udemy

I like to teach others what I learn. Udemy worked well so far; in total ca. 5,000 students.


Practice advanced SQL queries with MySQL 5.7+

  • 4.1

3,300+ students

Build on your current knowledge and get to a next level in SQL. Learn by writing - lots of examples are waiting for you.


How To Teach Kids Encyclopedic Facts

  • 4.6

1,200+ students

Boost your kids' intelligence, teach them encyclopedic facts. A course for parents who want to become...

Fundraising campaign

In November 2017, I organized a fundraising campaign to support a new Education Project in the Mercy Centre in Bangkok.

With my friends and colleagues we've collected 39,000 THB in donations. See the campaign details on Fundrazr »

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