Michal Juhas

Technology Advisor • Consulting CTO • Speaker • Trainer

I have co-founded companies in the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Slovakia. The biggest one, where I served as a CTO, reached 100 mil. USD in annual gross booking volume.
As the CTO, I hired and led on-site and remote software development teams and was also responsible for innovation and product management.
In 2019, my partner and I have co-founded Geekruiter which focuses on IT recruitment training and sourcing. Our clients include companies from Europe and the US.
I serve as a consultant and trusted advisor to CEOs, CTOs, and business owners who want to innovate and grow their business using technology and automation.
Products I Have Created
  • Created 20+ online courses focused on IT and IT recruitment
  • 25,000+ students enrolled in all of my online courses
  • Recorded 300+ training videos
  • Wrote three e-books
My Clients Come From...
Specialists I Work With...
Strong network on LinkedIn (23,640+ connections) which I can tap on should we need specific know-how.
Solid Presence In The Community

I've organized meetups in the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Slovakia.

I've organized meetups in the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Slovakia.

The biggest hackathon I have co-organized in Thailand at our office hosted 150+ developers.

What can I help YOU with?
Do you run a business, want to innovate and grow it using technology and automation? Let’s book a quick call to see if I can help you with…
1. Innovation Project’s Management & Prototyping
Do you need to innovate your business?
I help business owners discover innovation opportunities, facilitate Design Sprints, and build software prototypes to validate a new product or service.
2. IT Assessment & Outsourcing
Do you already outsource software development?
My team and I help executives get an objective, third-party assessment of the output of your software development partner: the quality and sustainability of the code produced.
We outsource software development of C# .NET projects.
3. Business Process Automation
Do you want to automate mundane, manual processes?
I help companies analyze their processes, propose improvements, and manage technical teams to implement desired solutions.
4. Data Integration & Business Intelligence
Would you like to improve the quality and frequency of your reporting?
I help companies integrate data from from various sources to have effective reporting in place which enables data-driven decision making.
5. Team Training & Upskill
Do your HR specialists and recruiters struggle to fill IT positions?
I help recruitment agencies train their teams in IT. They recruit more software developers as a result and become business partners to IT hiring managers. Visit geekruiter.com.
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