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What Can My Team Help You With?


IT Recruitment

Are you hiring IT talents and cannot find the right candidates? We can organize a recruitment campaign on social media with a modern recruitment funnel to attract the right IT candidates.


IT Recruitment Training

Do you or struggle speak the same language with IT professionals? Do you lack confidence when talking to a hiring manager or IT candidate? Our IT Recruiter Toolkit will help you!


Career Coaching

Are you a seasoned IT professional and wonder how to get more out of your career? Check out our executive branding service at the "Career Upgrade Tools."


Software Development

Do you need to implement custom software using C#, Java, or JavaScript? Our team at Juhas Technologies can outsource your IT project.
1. IT Recruitment Agency
2. IT Recruitment Training

On-demand training products, e-learning materials, video courses to help fellow recruiters become great IT recruiters.

IT Recruiter Toolkit

3. IT Career Coaching
4. Software Development Agency
What's your NEXT CAREER STEP in IT? Would you like to become a fractional CTO and work for a few clients on the side? Or is becoming an advisor your next level? 

For many, relocation has been a game-changing experience. Listen to my podcast to learn how to get exposed to the best career opportunities in IT—that are often not even advertised. 

To see how can I and my team arrange powerful introductions, just go to https://CareerUpgradeTools.com

To listen to the podcast, please go to https://CareerUpgradePodcast.com
Courses On Udemy

Over 20,000+ students enrolled in my online courses.


...come from great companies (mostly) in Europe

Solid Presence In The Community

The biggest hackathon I have co-organized in Thailand at our office hosted 150+ developers.

I've organized meetups in the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Slovakia.

I've organized meetups in the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Slovakia.


IT Advisor • Career Coach • Speaker • Trainer

My Story

I have co-founded companies in the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Slovakia. The biggest one, where I served as a CTO, reached 100 mil. USD in annual gross booking volume.
As the CTO, I hired and led on-site and remote software development teams and was also responsible for innovation and product management.
In 2019, my partner and I have co-founded Geekruiter which focuses on IT recruitment training and sourcing. Our clients include companies from Europe and the US.
I serve as a consultant and trusted advisor to CEOs, CTOs, and business owners who want to innovate and grow their business using technology and automation. 
What can I help YOU with?
Please, reach out via Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn and we'll schedule a quick call to determine if I'm a good fit to your current needs.
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