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"your Recruitment And Sales Teams Are missing out on commissions And bonuses!"

If your team is like those I've worked with, you are not filling all the IT positions you could!
Would You Like To Fill More IT Vacancies, And With Confidence?
Would you like to increase the fill-rate of your recruitment consultants?
...increase the response rate because very few recruiters respond to your emails or messages on LinkedIn?
Would you like your team to engage with IT candidates even if they have never worked in IT and are not confident talking about technologies?
Well, I've Got Something Interesting For You!
I can get your team to a point where they can read IT resumes with fascination, and engage with candidates with no fear... like Alexander from Canada:
Technical Training For Recruitment Teams
Recruitment agencies hire me when they face some of these challenges:
  • Recruiters have hard time analyzing their job requirements because they are full of IT terms they don't know,
  • ​They are not confident when engaging with IT candidates or hiring managers,
  • Technical CVs are a "blackbox" because of the abundance of IT terminology,
  • They are inefficient when matching candidates with positions because the IT roles are vague and confusing.
But the good news is that they CAN do better in IT recruitment!
I've helped clients from Europe, the US, and Asia to fill more IT positions and I'm here to help your team, too!

I'm Michal Juhas And I've Been Working In IT & IT Recruitment For Over 17 Years

Recruitment agencies hire me because I've been sitting on both sides of the table: worked with IT professionals directly as an IT director (CTO) and also worked as an IT recruiter.

Michal Juhas, Lead Recruiter & Managing Director at Geek Recruiters

With my proven training program, your team will score more victories:

  • Finally understand the technical Job Requirements.
  • ​Get closer to hiring managers and know what to ask them re. the JD during a briefing.
  • ​Know what to ask during a screening or interview call with IT candidates.
  • ​Optimize search so you find IT talents who match the requirements.
  • ​Understand the CVs of technical candidates.
  • Have your unique challenges resolved once and for all.
Understand the technical terminology, analyze technical job requirements, and screen IT candidates to fill tech vacancies with confidence!

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