Michal Juhas

IT Talent Advisor • Recruiter • Career Coach • Trainer

Ex-CTO In A $70m Revenue Startup ▶ Helped 23,000+ Professionals Improve Their IT Skills ▶ Now Working With Recruitment & Sales Teams To Improve Their Performance In The IT Industry

My Story

After 16 years in the tech industry in various positions from a Software Developer to a CTO, I've developed 17 video courses, wrote six booklets, delivered countless webinars, and trained over 23,000 professionals online

Recruitment & Sales teams in the USA & EU hire me for my unique perspective:
A) As the CTO in a fast-growing startup, I've been working with IT professionals.
B) I've been recruiting IT talents for international clients.
C) My team is outsourcing SW development.

If your team is like those I've worked with, you could fill MANY more IT vacancies and deliver MORE projects... if only your consultants & sales managers understood the IT landscape! I can help your team to:

1. Learn how to UNCOVER tech project needs,
2. How to ANALYZE technical job requirements,
3. How to FIND & match IT candidates with vacancies,
4. And what QUESTIONS to ask hiring managers & candidates to look like an educated, confident professional.

I've worked with hundreds of recruitment consultants, TA/HR specialists, sales & BizDev managers to help them understand the complex IT landscape... and this is what I can do for you, too:
1. Organize a full-service online training program.
2. Take care of your team's ongoing improvement when it comes to IT knowledge.
3. Provide materials so you can organize the training yourself.
4. Outsource software development through https://juhashub.io

Some say the *IT Recruiter Toolkit* which I've developed is the most comprehensive e-learning platform for IT recruiters with 350+ video lessons. International recruitment agencies use it to onboard their non-tech recruiters.

My new REPORT reveals why 35.4% of recruitment teams are MISSING OUT on their commissions... And how you can help your team understand the IT roles and IT terminology so that they can recruit more Software Developers and fill IT vacancies, faster. The report is based on 373 respondents. You can download the PDF here:

My recent CASE STUDY outlines how my client upskilled their Recruitment and Sales teams which enabled them to fill more IT vacancies. You can find this case study at

I can only work with EIGHT teams per quarter so if you'd like to talk about your specific needs, please fill in an application form. If my colleagues determine there's a good fit, we'll schedule a free Strategy Call. Click here to fill in the form:

My Best-Selling Products

Over 20,000+ students have enrolled in my online courses.


  • Clear Job Requirements (booklet and eBook)
  • Recruiter's Guide To Confident Interviews (booklet and eBook)
  • Recruitment Method Exposed (booklet and eBook)
  • ​IT Recruiter Mind Maps (booklet and eBook)
  • ​Professional IT Recruitment (10-day Certification Program)
You can buy these products (and more!) in our online store at GeekRecruiters.com.

The booklet with mind maps which I've been working on since 2018 has been bought by hundreds of recruiters, TA specialists, and HR managers from the USA, Canada, India, Thailand, Australia, and almost all EU countries.

I created e-learning platform with over 350 video lessons on IT recruitment. Agencies around the globe use it to onboard their new joiners.

Learn more about the IT Recruiter Toolkit.


On-site Training

Recruitment teams invite me to train their teams on-site and online.

International Clients

Recruitment agencies, startups, and corporations hire me as a talent advisor and a consultant to help them fill more IT vacancies.

...Because I Speak "Tech"

I've been organizing tech meetups and hackathons since 2014 which helped me build strong presence in a local community... and understand the IT landscape, IT roles, and tools they use.

The biggest hackathon I have co-organized for software professionals hosted 153 IT professionals at our office in Bangkok, Thailand.

What Do Clients Say

"the best training I've had"
"100% must-have for recruiters"
"I got an amazing result"
"I'm not afraid of IT people anymore"
"my results were really great"
"I learned how to conduct better IT interviews"
"very useful videos and worksheets"
"IT mapping skills are amazing"
"great course for recruiters in IT"
"great for HR and tech leaders"

Recruiter's I've trained since 2018 loved my training material during the webinars and seminars in different countries, such as:

Szilvia says...

Szilvia says...

"All of the roles I met and struggled with last year were covered. Now I feel I have an overall picture about these IT roles and I will be able to ask relevant questions from both candidates and hiring managers." –Szilvia Blasko, recruiter, Budapest (Hungary)

Luis says...

Luis says...

"I was able to learn about the IT positions that I am working on. I'm able to speak more confidently with the candidates over the phone and explain certain positions." –Luis Tello, recruiter, Budapest (Hungary)
"I was able to learn about the IT positions that I am working on. I'm able to speak more confidently with the candidates over the phone and explain certain positions." –Luis Tello, recruiter, Budapest (Hungary)

Marat says...

Marat says...

"We've been with you for over four weeks and we're very satisfied because I see the progress on my recruiters' side and I also learnt a lot myself. Having someone from the industry explain the terminology is the best solution." –Marat Yakupov, CEO, Berlin (Germany)

Would You Like To Fill More IT Positions?

If your team is like those I've worked with, you guys are NOT filling all the IT positions you could!

With my consulting and training program, your recruitment and sales teams will score more victories!

"If you think this is about recruitment training you're missing the point...  Because what I really stand for is building high-performing digital teams that help companies innovate and thrive."
...and the best-selling products include:
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