Michal Juhas
How to Hire And Engage Developers
I'm going to show you
  • 12 issues that irritate software developers
  • ​How do you recognize great developers?
  • How to increase their motivation?
  • ​How to improve the development workflow to attract more developers?
  • ​A quick assessment will tell you if your company is appealing or not.
About me
“I help recruiters and tech companies hire and build well-performing engineering teams.”
  • Ten years of experience as a software developer and IT consultant. (2002-12)
  • Co-founder of a local (CZ/SK) social network for book lovers ​(2011-12).
  • Co-founder & CTO in a global travel-tech company in Southeast Asia. (2013-18).
  • Co-founder of EdTech Labs Europe, a startup studio building EdTech products & platforms. (2018+).
  • ​CEO of Geekruiter, a training company helping companies recruit and build great engineering teams. (2019+).
  • ​Two kids, one amazing wife, lots of fun!
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