Tech & Media Outlook 2017

Michael Wolf’s 177 slides about Tech & Media Outlook 2017 are full of trends, stats & insightful charts.

Some of my take-aways are listed below.

Mobile apps & social media

  • Pay-to-download is disappearing, being replaced with subscription payments (slide #16)
  • A handful of digital platforms have become the Discovery Oligopoly, controlling each stage of the customer jurney (slide #23)
  • Social has overtaken search as the primary vehicle for digital discovery (slide #25)
  • Mobile website traffic increasingly exceeds direct app traffic (slide #28)
  • Discovery challenges and increasing development costs are making new apps largerly uneconomical (slide #29)

Messaging, chatbots & voice bot

  • In less than 6 months, each of the major tech platforms launched a bot, created a messaging platform, or both (slide #37)
  • 36% of consumers say they use 2+ messaging apps (slide $41)
  • It is anticipated that the workplace will adopt messaging and use it as the primary interface for internal communication (slide #44)
  • Chatbots will be successful in areas where interactions are simple, fast and easily automated (slide #50)
    • Messaging chatbots and voice bots that do not enhance, acccelerate or simplify a web experience will fail (slide #51)
  • Future bot use cases include utilities monitoring, virtual trainers and remote automobile management (slide #53)
  • eSports (competitive video gaming) is the next tech phenomenon (slide #65)
    • Major tech & media companies already capitalise on the eSports community, i.e. they organize online tournaments (slide #67)


  • eSport betting has high potential (a user can place bets as a spectator or as an active participant, slide #78)
  • eSports need to consolidate the league, schedule events, integrate with tech & media platforms, increase gambling (slid #83)
  • Factors that drive decisions about music subscription: 1) personalized playlists and 2) user experience (slide #129)

Smart speakers

  • Smart speakers are essential to the adoption of music streaming services and voice bots. They could be the most important new product category since smartphones (slide #140)
    • Smart speakers can reinvent consumer behavior at home, similar to how smartphones reshaped mobile consumer behavior (slide #141)
  • Podcast listening is becoming mainstream (slide #143)
  • Post-household America: (slides #147-149)
    • More complexity under one roof
    • People linking their tech & media experiences through chosen families
Written on November 3, 2016