Innovative Asian companies using customers' data for their benefit

Consumers are willing to share data and information if the companies use it to make life better for them.

See how some of the Asian companies use customers’ data & artificial intelligence to provide unique value. Adopted from the Digital Data-dominance in Asia

Neat is a Hong Kong startup which uses artificial intelligence to categorize purchases and identifies spending habits. Most importantly, it tells how much a user can spend during a day/week/month to stay within budget.

Xiaomi MiJia is a smart rice cooker which caters for individual preferences. A user scans a bar code, sets personally preferred rice softness and the cooker will take care of the rest.

Genoplan developed personal genetic testing kits to help users design a healthy lifestyle based on their genetics.

WAY is a smart device that provides real-time skincare tips based on the user’s skin and external factors.

Swipe is a smartphone app that helps consumers pick the right credit card to maximize their discounts, rewards, air miles and other credit card-related perks.

Only 8% consumers feel they are receiving better offers and services as a result of sharing their information. (Aimia, September 2015)

Written on November 4, 2016